Dr. Marco Caminiti B.Sc., D.D.S., M.Ed., F.R.C.D.

After Dr. Marco Caminiti, a Montreal native, obtained his Bachelor of Anatomy and Dental Training at McGill with Dr. Eddie Reinish, he served in the Canadian Forces and the United Nations as a dental and humanitarian officer. During that time, he became passionate about dental surgery. He then decided to pursue a surgical career and followed up military service with further training at the University of Toronto. It was there that he obtained his Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery degree and a Master’s Degree in Surgical Education from the department of Surgery and OISE. He also developed his skills and interest in the management of dentofacial deformities during a Fellowship in Orthognathic Surgery.

An active teacher and supervisor in the Graduate School at the University of Toronto, Dr. Caminiti is also a consultant to the Dentofacial Deformity Program in the department of Orthodontics and Surgery. His practice is very hospital dependent and he serves as the Chief of OMFS at Rouge Valley Centenary Hospital, attending teaching staff at Mount Sinai and is also on active staff at Humber River Regional Hospital.

Dr. Caminiti’s obsession in practice lies in the planning of orthognathic surgery cases. He enjoys the mix of laboratory skills, computer and digital planning development and the exigencies required in correctly positioning surgical cases to provide the best possible outcomes.

Believe it or not, Dr. Caminiti does manage to find spare time. And when he does, it’s spent running with his dog Charlie, skiing with his daughter Jackie, canoeing with his son Matthew, cooking and debating with his son Joshua and visiting wineries with his orthodontist wife Catia.